Thursday, September 9, 2010

Waldameer Park To Debut Three New Rides In 2011

Waldameer Park, located in Erie, PA, previously announced its intention to add a Flying Carousel to the park's selection of rides for the 2011 season, but a good operating year has resulted in an even larger expansion being planned.

2010 was a great summer for Waldameer, the park reports. The park's owner, Paul Nelson, reports that this season will probably be their best ever - even more so than in 2008 when the Ravine Flyer II opened. A combination of great weather and increased group bookings contributed to the stellar year.

The area above, located on the edge of the park near Ravine Flyer II, will be home to the Flying Carousel (if the ride is still planned) along with two rides aimed at children and their parents. The area will also be landscaped beautifully with gardens and a fountain - common features among the park's beautiful grounds.

No details yet on the exact rides to be added, but rest assured the gusts will love all three.

Edit: Check out the photos at the end of this post that show markers that have appeared in the area the Flying Carousel is expected to rise. You can almost see the midway and the ride already in place if you use your imagination!