Monday, September 27, 2010

Busch Gardens Tampa's Latest Tease

Busch Gardens Tampa has released this week's clip of their new coaster, and it's a doozy.   This clip shows what looks like a launch in front of the station area that's once again located below grade, sorta in a crevice.  You look to launch under a pathway bridge of some sort, then up into a very unique set of turns:

The secret word is grace!
The high-in-the-air figure eight is unlink anything I've really seen before.  I doubt it can be taken at high speeds, but it'll work to temporarily slow the pace of the ride, extending the ride time.  Remember, launched rides aren't known for a long ride time, which makes keeping capacity up more complicated.

This latest clip also seems to take place just before the section shown in Clip 1, so watching them in that order gives you a good idea of the first third or so of the ride.  I'm still interested to see how the use of the old Rhino Rally water section plays out.