Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Worlds of Fun 1995

The year 1995 was a turbulent one for Worlds of Fun, and I'm not just talking about their latest attraction. (More on that momentarily.) It was in June of that year that the park and its accompanying water park, Oceans of Fun, became Cedar Fair properties. But before that came to pass, this brochure was printed--which explains the distinctive lack of traditional Cedar Fair branding.

Even before Cedar Fair acquired controlling interest in these two parks, they were always on the lookout to expand their offerings. This year saw the addition of two new attractions--one at each park--but their creative team wasn't quite ready to let the cat out of the bag on the brochure cover. That would have been too easy. They're actually going to make us open it to discover what this "cyclone warning" business is all about. Horrors!! Well, if we must...

Hmm...This still doesn't explain exactly what those new attractions were, but at least now we have names: Cyclone Sam's Cloudpoofer 2000 and Captain Kidds. Allow me to unravel this mystery for you. Cyclone Sam's is an enclosed and heavily themed Chance Morgan Wipeout (you can read all about its background here), while Captain Kidds is an interactive children's water playground which takes the form of a pirate ship.

Combine those two attractions with the others pictured here (not to mention those whose names appear within the blue border) and "Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun might be too much fun for just one day!" Hey, wait a minute--"might be"? What's this "might be" stuff? Let's not get wishy-washy in our marketing, WoF! It's your job to convince me and the rest of the riding, sliding world that your fine amusement establishment IS too much fun for a single day. (Fortunately for you, I am easy to convince.)

Finally, a photo of that ever elusive kiddie pirate ship. There you have it, my friends: Captain Kidds, upper left-hand corner. When you've finished surveying all that Oceans of Fun had to offer in 1995 on the left panel, you'd better break out your microscopes for the right one. Virtually blind people such as myself do not appreciate fonts of this size! That's just cruel. Well, if nothing else, my contacts are good enough to tell you that Celebrate America, The Big Thrill, and Boo! Blast were the three big festivals featured at Worlds of Fun in 1995. As for the concerts and other fine print (pun definitely intended), you're on your own!