Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dorney Park Pre-Haunt 2010 Update

With the opening night of The Haunt at Dorney Park less than one week away I took advantage of the beautiful weather to take a stroll around the park. Most of the Haunt stuff is already up, so there was plenty to check out.

The first parts of the main entrance plaza's decorations are in - here's an old trolley car with plenty of advertisements for the Mansion House Hotel. Very nice! I like how this area changes theme each year. The elaborate decorations are then reused elsewhere the following year, for instance, last year's clown display is now further down the main midway near Psycho Circus.

And speaking of the new haunt for 2010 here is the completed facade for the Mansion House Hotel. This really isn't the main side of the Haunt, though, nor is it the side you enter into. I do believe the exit will be located here, though.

You actually enter down the hill, into what is the Food Fest grove area. If you look behind the HMH sign you can see scaffolding with more facade on it - that's the main entrance to the attraction. You'll head up some stairs to get there.

The main midway area is receiving its Carnival themed decorations, though not all of them are up yet. Psycho Circus also looks ready to go.

Now I understand how Terror Square will still fit into the area that Demon Drop took over - it won't. Instead it looks like the path for the go karts will be used. They already have many of the props from last year out and decorating the track area. Now sure if all of the track will be used, or just parts.

The Gauntlet is also in the process of coming back to life. The entrance structures are up, but no props are along the path yet.

The set up for Pirates Passage has been completed as well. I was hoping to see some more decorations than barrels this year - it really needed something more last year. Maybe it's not done yet.

And finally the Good Time Theatre will be showing Fangs 'n' Freaks this year. Last year the show was just called Fangs, and it played to very mixed reviews. Looks like they're modifying it for this season, so we'll have to see how it turns out.

Cornstalkers, Headstone Hollow, the Asylum, Backwoods, Death Trap and Club Blood also also constructed, but I didn't see any notable changes worth photographing. I can't wait to check out the MHH next weekend...