Saturday, September 18, 2010

Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Big Announcement

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has announced an exciting two-year capital expansion plan, featuring several new rides and one huge attraction for 2012.

Beginning in 2011, the park's Oktoberfest section will be heavily renovated. The section will feature a new Pretzel Market, along with a Beer Garden for guests to enjoy. There will also be new areas where street performers will entertain those who pass by, new games, and plenty more.

One large change to the area will be the addition of a new thrill ride, Mach Tower. Standing an impressive 246 feet tall, this free-fall tower will change the skyline of the park forever. The ride will be located where Katapult currently is.

Guests are seated in a 30 person ring around the tower, which rotates as it makes its way to the top. The park promises 'surprises' when you reach the top, where guests will have one amazing view. Naturally the drop comes next, proving a true free-fall sensation for riders at 60 miles per hour.

Water Country USA will also feature a large addition next year when the Vanish Point set of speed slides opens.

Vanish Point will contain four separate slides, all of which would fall into the intense category in my book! They will start at the peak of a 75 ft. tall tower, a considerable height for slides.

Two of the slides feature a Skybox that opens to drop riders directly down, into what resembles an Superloop slide in this artwork. The other two slides are old fashioned speed slides, and feature a near vertical plunge down.

The park also announced that Busch Gardens Williamsburg will build an electromagnetic multiple-launch roller coaster on the former site of the Big Bad Wolf for 2012. Calling it like no ride we've seen before, the park promises a high speed thrill coaster that's a worthy replacement for the now retired Wolf.

The park has some information on their website about the announcements. Talk about giving fans something to look forward to!


Ryan said...

The drop tower sound like it will be like the one at Six Flags over Georgia, which rotates and tilts the seats out 15 degrees at the top

royalricanprince said...

"Multiple-launch roller coaster" This roller coaster sounds similar to the one being built in Busch Gardens Tampa.

Ryan said...

Sounds like BGT and BGW are getting similar rides back-to-back. I also wonder if this means a drop tower is a possibility for the Tampa park...

NewsPlusNotes said...

I sure hope it's like the one that Tampa is building! The 9 seconds of that preview Tampa released makes that ride look awesome. A low to the ground, high speed launched intamin would be just crazy in the BGW woods. And if it dove down to the river like BBW did? The possibilities...