Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Teases For Busch Gardens Tampa's 2011 Attraction

Busch Gardens Tampa has launched a new phase of teasing about their new 2011 attraction on their website, and this time there's some serious goodies being shared.

For the next five weeks fans can search for a new code word and use it to unlock video teasers of the new roller coaster. When the first week's secret word - chase - is entered on, you gain access to the video that the stills featured here are from.

In short, the ride looks amazing. The clip is a mere 9 seconds, but there's so much packed into that short time. The ride's launches will have the trains zipping through deep rock-lined trenches, hugging the ground as they go.

Track for the new coaster has already started to arrive in the park's overflow lot. BGTGuide has photos of the green track! I love that color!

The five-week campaign will lead up to the full announcement of the new thrill ride, scheduled for mid-October.