Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Howling Good Time: Kings Island's 2010 Halloween Haunt

Kings Island is happily spreading the word that the park's annual Halloween Haunt will return this fall to the shrieking delights of its many fans. The event will be bigger than ever in 2010, featuring more than 500 ghastly creatures roaming the park, along with 14 intense haunted attractions and live shows. The event is meant to be scary and intense, the park makes it clear that no one and nothing is off-limits!

This year's Haunt will feature an all-new indoor maze along with some great live entertainment.

Visiting the park's new haunt on a full moon will prove to be an intense experience as Wolf Pack joins the park's existing 11 mazes. Every turn of the new scare-fest will have guests feeling the glare of a crazed pack of wolves; this is sure to be one crazy trip through the woods!

Also new for 2010 will be the Half Pint Brawlers midget wrestling, made famous on Spike TV. Back for a second year will be Hot Blooded, a live show that combines rock'n'roll music with a seductive after life review.

In addition to the haunted attractions and shows, the park's arsenal of thrill rides will be open during the event, including Diamondback and The Beast. For more information, visit the Halloween Haunt website.