Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Blast From The Past - Achrekar's Mobius Coaster

This invention by Prakash M Achrekar, filed on August 1, 1977 was be to a new, improved system, with the track in the shape of a mobius band. The theory was to subject riders to multiplanar rotation and transitions as the coaster moved along the track. The carriage would have been mounted to the track, allowing it to rotate through transitions in a multiplanar manner as it moved along the rails.

A mobius surface is obtained when a cylindrical strip is cut, one end given one or more half twists (180 degree turns)and then reunited with the other end. This forms a continuous one-sided surface, making for a somewhat confusing ride. this plan view shows what would have been a typical track layout. The mobius curves being placed in a tunnel would really add to thrill!

The ride would have started with a single two passenger vehicle being propelled along the track by a system of endless chain drives to the crest of the lift hill, Thereafter gravity takes over with the track consisting of a series of half twists. As the ride vehicle moves along these twisting sections of the mobius track, the positions of the passengers in relation to one another are interchanged in each half twist of the track.

It sort of has an Ultra Twister look to it and one would think it would have been a capacity nightmare, but we would have definitely stood in line to ride least once.


Steve said...

It took me a minute to figure this one out. I was thinking a half twist would put you upside down, then I saw the car rotates so you're always right side up. Well, except when you're sideways.

I remember seeing something on TV several years ago. The coaster track was tubular steel, but the train sat between the tracks instead of above or below it.

This allowed for twists to be put in the track to invert you, but you'd still be traveling in a straight line. They had a small section of track built and working. It looked like a neat idea.