Monday, February 28, 2011

Aerial Antics: Cedar Point Part 2

Let us continue our aerial look at the great thrill rides of Cedar Point, shall we?

The original hyper coaster: Magnum XL-200.  If you need a brush up on this world-famous ride, then check out Scott and Carol's Blast article on it.

Magnum may have been the first coaster to break the 200 foot mark, but how about doubling that (and then some)?  That's exactly what the park did with Top Thrill Dragster, which launches trains up the tower at a cool 120 miles per hour.

Sometimes after sitting at the office all day it's nice to get up and stretch your legs... so how about a stand-up coaster?  With so many different coasters in one park, Cedar Point has a little bit of everything, which includes Mantis.  The stand-up coaster has four inversions and almost 4,000 feet of track.  It also features one of my favorite paint jobs around.

Cedar Point's most recent addition to its coaster collection is Maverick, a unique ride provided by Intamin.  It uses two launches to power the coaster, though one of them looks like a traditional lift hill at first.  Once upon a time it had a heartline roll in a canyon, which was removed before the ride opened to guests.  You can still see that element in the above photo.

If you are a long-time reader then you already know I love old Arrow mine trains, which means I'm a big fan of the Cedar Creek Mine Ride.  You can also see one of its newest neighbors, Skyhawk, in the upper left.

We're still not done!  One more week should finish off our look at Cedar Point from the sky.