Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Rewind 2.12.11

Michigan's Adventure has started construction on Beach Party, the park's new interactive water play structure. Still a lot of dirt, but soon a 90 ft. geyser will be spraying guests.

The queue for the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom is receiving some interactive features, though the park won't say exactly what yet.  I know I'm curious.

Want to know how many new attractions the Schlitterbahn parks will get in 2011? If so, the park has a teaser that you might be interested in.

Six Flags Great Adventure's new Green Lantern stand-up coaster is making more progress now that the snow has cleared.  Crews have started the turn around from the lift that heads into the drop.

Sea World San Antonio's new Sesame Street Bay of Play will feature attractions that families will love.  Much of the project work is already complete, as seen in this video update.

Dollywood's Barnstormer opens next month, and the park is putting the finishing touches on the ride.  Several galleries are available here.

Cedar Point announced that they will be adding a Pink's hot dog location to their park this year.  The West Coast chain has already been successful at Knott's berry farm.

We haven't forgotten about the Zippin Pippin, which despite freezing temperatures has steadily been making progress.  They ride's track is being applied and the station has been being worked on.

A maze of additional steel supports have gone up on the inside of the New Texas Giant.  It's an interesting look.

Taking a wintry look at all the changes that Worlds of Fun has in store for this season.  It's really going to be a huge year for the park!

PARC Management acquired Baker Leisure Group this past week.  A match made in heaven? Not sure what to think of this news.

Wild Waves' new management is promising great things to come for the park, including a currently-being-negotiated family water attraction for 2011.