Monday, February 7, 2011

The Gotham City Gauntlet

Six Flags New England has announced the full name of their 10th roller coaster, Gotham City Gauntlet: Escape From Arkham Asylum.

The wild mouse style coaster will be located in the DC Super Hero Adventures section of the park and will open in Spring of this year.

"Adventure seeking guests can tap into their villainous side as they attempt to escape from Arkham Asylum; home of Gotham City’s criminally insane.  The ride experience begins when guests board the four person coaster cars and start a five-story climb towards the sky.

Once riders reach the top of the lift hill their world is sent spinning and twirling through a maze of 17 hairpin turns, winding twists and turns and unexpected dips. Careening along 1,213 feet of track, this all new coaster adventure will delight thrill seekers of every age."

The new coaster will be a great attraction for the entire family.  More about the coaster, including construction photos, can be found on the park's official website.


Ryan said...

I'm pleased with this. I was hoping that it wouldn't just be an outdoor Dark Knight. I wonder if this will have any sort of tie-in with the recent Arkham Asylum games. Hopefully the themeing is pulled off.

zacqua10 said...

This should be added to the poll now, lol.

Chris said...

So the Dark Knight ends up at SFNE afterall, sans building and movie tie in. Interesting.

I'd imagine the new owners will keep the existing licensing. They wouldn't open a new ride with licensing they intend to rip out in a year. This is encouraging in light of the licensing they ripped out (e.g., Wiggles, Thomas the Tank Engine).

NewsPlusNotes said...

I have a feeling the theming won't be too elaborate, but I still think it is nice that it has a theme at all. It could have easily had none.

zacqua10 said...

They're going to be villains at every turn and signs promoting Two-Face to be DA of Arkham. The theming should be good, for an outdoor mouse.

It could be possible that it's got a tie in with the Arkham Asylum games, especially the one coming out this year.