Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A New Turn And New Tunnels

Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion has been going through some growing pains this off-season, with the ride's first turn being rebuilt.  Last Fall we saw track being removed from the ride, then the park confirmed that the high-g first turn would be widened to make for a more comfortable ride.

Now the park has started to replace the track, and things do look a little different.  This thread over at TPR has some great photos of the new track in place.  While being widened, the first turn also looks to start to head toward the sky much earlier than the previous version.

Who doesn't love a good tunnel while on a coaster?  I do, and so does Six Flags Over Texas, which is hard at work adding several of them to the New Texas Giant.  They shared some photos taken of that work going on and things are looking great.

The famous "flying carpet" ending to the ride is where the tunnels appear to be located.  What is expected to be an intense finish to the coaster just got even better!