Friday, February 4, 2011

The Word On Invertigo Spreads

It didn't take too long for word of the imminent move of California's Great America's Invertigo coaster to Dorney Park to spread once the local planning commission's agenda was posted.

On it (seen in full below), we can gather that Dorney Park would like to build a 138 ft. high amusement on the site of the park's former Laser roller coaster.  The area around the new ride will be changed to remove a basketball game and kiddie rides, and a paved area for "seasonal attractions" and "future storage building" will be created.

Hopefully the paved area for seasonal attractions will be for Halloween Haunt goodness! Or maybe it's more like an open area where a stage could be set up for special events or performances.

The local paper also picked up the story and spoke to the park, which wasn't willing to confirm much of anything, other than guests will have to wait until 2012 to take a spin on whatever it is.

It's very early in the year for the park to go to the planning commission for a new ride that would debut the following season, which is a bit odd.  But perhaps they want to be sure they have the 'ok' before they move ahead with the plans.

However this all shakes out the writing is certainly on the wall as far as where Invertigo is heading.