Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ben 10 - Vekoma's Junior Boomerang

Ever since Drayton Manor announced they would add a new coaster, named Ben 10 - Ultimate Mission, I've been wanting to know more about this new Vekoma junior boomerang design.

Finally, with the coaster well on its way to being completed, some great photos have surfaced of the ride.  Being a junior ride no inversions were expected, and the ride delivered on that point.  It looks like the coaster will head up the first lift backwards, then release to head through the course.

A couple banked turns and a helix make up most of the track, but pay close attention to the crazy camel-hump in the middle of the ride's second tower!  Pretty wild looking.  Ben 10 will definitely be something unique for guests of Drayton Manor in 2011.


Unknown said...

why is it being called a junior "boomerang", it doesn't really resemble a Vekoma boomerang at all?