Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Legoland Windsor's Atlantis Submarine Voyage

Legoland Windsor, located in the UK, recently announced a very interesting attraction for the family-oriented theme park: the Atlantis Submarine Voyage.

Concept art provided by Legoland Windsor

The ride, which will cost over £8 million (almost $13 million) is part of an even larger investment in the park by Merlin Entertainments.  Atlantis Submarine Voyage will be the first LEGO themed underwater ride in the world when it opens.

Guests will board custom LEGO themed submarines, each holding up to 14 guests.  As they move through the ride building they will explore a gigantic 250,000+ gallon ocean tank.  Guests will pass over fifty species of rare sharks, rays, and tropical fish.

Concept drawing of the building's facade

To create the underwater world of Atlantis, professional LEGO builders will create almost 100 models and set features.  According to Legoland, "an estimated 2,683 hours of work creating the models will be completed ahead of the launch" of the new attraction.

The gigantic aquarium that the ride will feature will be the home of research projects and educational programs as well.

The Atlantis Submarine Voyage has a planned early-summer 2011 opening.