Sunday, February 6, 2011

Potential Invertigo Layouts at Dorney Park

Idle hands are the devil's playthings, and my hands were a little idle this weekend.  Going off of what was posted in the planning request with the Township, I created some potential layouts of Dorney's 2012 development.

Now, I am naturally going off the rumor that the ride is Invertigo from California's Great America.  I'm also including the "paved area for season attractions," which I'm interpreting to be an open area for shows, festivals, etc.  The "future storage building" that is mentioned is also on these.

The blue is the ride (obviously) and yellow station, pink is the parameters of the new walkways in the area, and the extra yellow building is the storage structure.  And some trees for good measure.

Layout #1 - The planning request states the attraction will sit where Laser was, so I'm being a little liberal with this one.  We know the basketball game is gone, so I'll assume that space would make a nice entry plaza if the trees are kept.

The lift hill could go over the Zephyr tracks and into unused space.  This would put the ride's cobra Roll positioned nicely toward the start of the new walkway.  The queue could be tucked behind Rita's and the station adjacent to the service road.

The area where the kiddie rides were is being left blank as I believe they were in the 100 year flood plain (they border the creek), and it may be hard to ever get anything approved for that space.  Or not, I don't know.

The seasonal attractions area uses up much of the rest of the space.  It'd be wide and open so it could handle guests for shows and the sort.  The storage building is near to it, which only makes sense.  The restrooms stay because they'd be needed, and the indoor Haunt building does as well.

Layout #2 - Many of the things described above are held true in this (and the last one for that matter).  This one contains the ride pretty perfectly to Laser's old footprint, again using the area in front of Rita's as an entrance and exit plaza.  The queue could fit before the Cobra Roll (half the queue is like this at CGA) and the exit would border the service road.

The seasonal attractions area takes advantage of the fact that the ride is basically a triangle, leaving much room on the lift hill side of things.  It is almost like the yin and yang with the coaster and the events plaza positioned just so.

The storage building again moves along with the seasonal area, and the kiddie area is blank.  Restrooms and Haunt building stay as is.

Layout #3 - This is the biggest deviation from the use of Laser's former spot.  The ride moves upward to give it an imposing view as guests start on the new midway.  The landscaped area in front of Rita's remains, helping to separate the ride from Possessed.  Guests enter the ride with the Cobra Roll looming in front of them.

The midway curves down and around, bisecting Laser's former plot.  The ride station and exit would border the walkway, much like many other coasters at the park. 

The seasonal attractions area fits nicely in the lower corner of this idea, with its friendly storage building in tow.  Again, the restrooms and Haunt building stay.

All of these also allow for other structures to populate the area, I just didn't take it quite that far.  The third one, for instance, allows room for potential shops and food locations along a new midway.  Some sort of small food service stand certainly would make sense by the events area.

It is also not a coincidence that I made the seasonal attractions area a big circle - mostly because then maybe in a future year a big ride could call it home.  Maybe even a tall one that seeks wind or something?

So give me your feedback, which idea do you like the best? (and don't say "that the ride stays in California!")


Anonymous said...

I just took the paved area for seasonal attractions as a pathway to get to the Assylum(sp?) not an actually extra area for something new. Just my thoughts. But anyways, I think you're layout #2 looks like a most appropriate position for the ride to fit in.

Ryan said...


Randydorney said...

I have to say #2 is the best option that the ride layout will be at dorney.

To be money pintchers via Dorney, I feel they will keep the midway that's there to save money on concrete verses making a new midway.

But then again, they could remake the area just for the area. Finally this will bring more traffic to the much needed dead zone area.

Anonymous said...

i love that you said something that seeks wind because if they add a windseeker it would be so cool!