Friday, February 4, 2011

Sea World Announces "One Ocean"

The Sea World Parks located across the country will debut a new killer whale show this year titled One Ocean.

As described in a release from the parks, the show "features SeaWorld’s majestic killer whales as ambassadors of the sea, and the ocean as the center of our natural world. The show connects guests with these remarkable animals and immerses the audience in the vivid colors and sensations of the underwater world. At the core of the show is the unifying message that both animals and humans are part of one world, with one ocean, and its future is in our hands to cherish and protect."

The show will have the killer whales performing among bright colored lights, fountains, and a unique soundtrack.  It appears as though trainers will not be in the water during the shows.  Aside from the performance aspect, One Ocean is intended to relay the message that "we are all part of one world and have the power to make a difference."

The show will open at the Orlando park in April, San Diego on Memorial Day, and San Antonio in June.  Watch for more about the production at the official website as news develops.