Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scott And Carol Present - Cheetah Hunt Construction Update

Normally Thursdays are reserved for the amusement industry's history, but this week instead of a Blast we wanted to share a look at Busch Gardens Tampa's history making coaster, Cheetah Hunt!

Here's some really neat concept art, wonder if the front of the train will really look like that?

This will be the signature element of Cheetah Hunt. The tight radius of the turns will require low speeds and rapid changes of direction.

This photo show how far above ground this is. If you look closely, Scott who is 6 foot tall is standing next to the trash can.

The train will be climbing almost straight up after a 60 mph launch.

Here Carol gets to show off her wide angle lens from the balcony of the Crown Colony Inn Restaurant.

Here's some of the finished decorative motif of the station.

Much of Cheetah Hunt will have riders heads at ground level as the train speeds along the track.

Riders will experience both high and low elevations throughout Cheetah Hunt's course.

Here's a tighter shot of what looks to be an awesome curve. Some of the supports on Cheetah Hunt are made of I-beams instead of circular columns.

Cheetah Hunt is scheduled to open May 27th and will the longest roller coaster in the state of Florida. "Can't wait, can't wait."

Thanks to the kind associates to Busch Gardens who opened various doors and gates.


Ryan said...

I just love the way the supports are used as themeing as well.