Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Blast From The Past - Pedroland's Pedros's Mouse

Last weeks Blast on Hypersonic got me to wondering the fate of other 2001 coasters. After a decade, how many are still operating? How many are SBNO (standing but not operating?) And sadly, how many, like Hypersonic, have been scrapped?

So, this week we travel to South of the Border. No... not Mexico! South of the Border is a roadside attraction off of I-95, near the North/South Carolinas stateline. Founded in 1949, this roadside attraction is not hard to find, there are hundreds of billboards, 175 miles away, lining the surrounding highways. The irreverent signs feature the areas mascot, Pedro, wearing an oversized sombrero and poncho, counting down the number of miles to, and promoting, South of the Border.

Among the many attractions at South of the Border is Pedroland, a small amusement park for kids. Rides include a carousel, a simulator, a Ferris wheel, train, bumper cars and a few other rides. Standing off in the far corner of the park is Pedro's Mouse.

Opening in 2001, the L & T Systems wild mouse has had an up & down history. The ride operated it's entire first season and closed in August of 2002. Over the years many enthusiasts stopped by the park, hoping the ride would be operating.

When we stopped by in April of 2004, we were told the ride was closed and while they hoped to re-open it, there was no set time frame for it's re-opening.

While we haven't been in the South of the Border area recently, rumor has it that Pedro's Mouse is still SBNO. If any one knows it's status, please let us know.

Over the next few weeks the Blast will continue to highlight a few of the 40 plus coaster that opened in North America in 2001, hope you join us for the ride!