Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"IT" Is Coming

Morey's Piers has announced that a new thrill ride, aptly named It, will be joining Surfside Pier this summer.  The ride will swing and spin riders 65 feet in the air up to 120 degrees from the ground and feature a new restraint system that uses only lap bars.  It will seat 24 riders per cycle.

Many similar rides have always utilized over-the-shoulder restraints that restrict rider views.  A lap bar only system would add greatly to the experience, creating a sense of freedom for the rider.

Jack Morey points out that It is just the start of the redevelopment of Surfside Pier, one of three piers the company owns.  A massive new wooden coaster that will use part of Surfside has been rumored for a few years now.


Ryan said...

I hope they get that new coaster built. If pulled off correctly, that could be awesome. Gravity Group would be able to do some awesome stuff with that.