Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Rewind 2.25.11

The Funland Blog headed to Six Flags Magic Mountain to take a sneak peak ride on Superman Escape From Krypton.  Read their findings here.

Its pretty amazing how quickly the Gravity Group's racing coasters at Happy Valley Wuhan are going up!  Some recent construction photos were posted by the company here.

Check out this off-season photo tour of Kennywood.  Unfortunately it appears as though the redo of Garfield's Nightmare has been pushed off.  Bummer.

Kings Island received the first piece of WindSeeker this past week, and it's massive!  The park shared some video of the arrival.

The coaster may not be there yet, but the station sure is!  Check out the latest update on Untamed at Canobie Lake Park.

Worlds of Fun is doing a great job of keeping us updated as Planet Snoopy construction moves forward.  More rides are being delivered on site.

Not good news for the redevelopment of Kentucky Kingdom - it seems that the chances of getting the $50 million in bonds approved this year are slim.

One of our favorites, Mark Shapiro, has been added to the board of directors for Papa John's.  He was formerly the CEO of Six Flags.

Staying with Six Flags, the company just reported some nice 2010 earnings.  Revenues, attendance, and per-caps were all up for the year.