Friday, February 25, 2011

Work On Mach Tower and Vanish Point Continue

Busch Gardens Williamsburg's exciting 2011 season is coming together as workers continue to renovate the park's famous Oktoberfest area.  Part of a two year rebuild of the land, this winter the park has been constructing new buildings, moving rides, and working on a blockbuster new attraction, Mach Tower.

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Mach Tower will stand 240 feet above the Oktoberfest section of Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  Created by Italy's Moser Rides, the freefall tower will reach nearly 60 miles per hour as it plummets toward the ground.  Once opened, it will have the title of highest ride at the park.

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Crews recently moved the base of the massive tower into place.  Once on board Mach Tower, up to 30 guests at a time will partake in a three minute ride that leave them breathless.  Seated in a circle around the tower, the passenger car will rotate as it moves up, providing a memorable view of the surrounding landscape.

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The ride also promises some special effects that will further enhance the experience, as if the freefall alone wasn't enough!  The park mentions on-board audio and seat vibrations as a couple of the tricks they have planned for guests.  Mach Tower will have a height requirement of 48 inches and can handle approximately 600 riders per hour.  Der Katapult, another classic ride at the park, is being relocated in order to make room for Mach Tower.  Rechristened Le Catapult, the ride will now live in New France.

The redevelopment of Oktoberfest also includes a new shop, named Beste Brezein und Bier, which will serve hand-twisted pretzels and other pretzel related creations.  A new show is also in development for Oktoberfest, and it will take advantage of the maypole being constructed in the flower garden near Das Festhaus.

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Water Country USA will also debut a new attraction this summer, named Vanish Point.  The new slide tower will offer two different ways for guests to make their way down, each giving a different rider experience.  The complex will stand 75 feet above the ground at its highest point.

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Seen above, construction on Vanish Point is moving along at a rapid pace.  One set of slides will feature a skybox, where guests will find the floor beneath them drop out, allowing them to plummet down the "super loop" slide.  The other pair will be steep speed slides, challenging riders to a plummet that appears to head straight down.

With these attractions under way, and another large coaster promised for 2012, it's an exciting time for both Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA!


Ryan said...

I'm glad they are giving the Oktoberfest section a revamp. When I was there in 2009 it was looking a little dated. The drop tower will be a nice addition and so will the pretzel and specialty beer stand. Hopefully they carry some good Oktoberfest style beers all season.

This addition excites me even further for their known but unannounced 2012 project. I can only hope for some crazy new creation.