Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black Diamond Update Time!

© 2011 Knoebels

The progress on Black Diamond at Knoebels has me more excited than ever to experience this new coaster this summer.  A lucky poster on CoasterForce stopped by the park and was able to take a tour of the ride under construction, and posted photos and video from that here.  The park has also continued to share updates of the ride, some of which you can view on their Facebook.

The ride is coming along well, along with the lightly-spooky coal mine theming.  Per the report taken at the park they are adding the theming top-down, with work well underway on the third floor.  Once again Knoebels has saved a classic attraction and then "plussed" it in a fantastic way. 

While all new rides and attractions are worthy of our interest, developments such as this one really hit the target on all points.