Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Frontier City Plans For The Future

With Gary Story and Kieran Burke back at the operational helm of Frontier City, the park is poised for a new era of redevelopment.  The new owners would like to get combined attendance at Frontier City and White Water Bay back up to its high point of 800,000 visitors.

While there wasn't time to get any new attractions lined up for 2011, I'm sure you can count on some new goodies to open at the park in the future.  Even Dick Kinzel thinks the duo makes a good team, as quoted in this article.

The pair actually started with only Frontier City, and eventually grew their operation to include Six Flags parks across the globe.  Both left that company when Dan Snyder took over during a proxy vote in 2005.  With an obvious sentimental value to both Story and Burke, I'll be interested to see the direction they move the park in.