Friday, February 18, 2011

Approval Granted For "Inverted Boomerang" Coaster At Dorney Park

Dorney Park has been granted permission to build a new "Inverted Boomerang" coaster for the park's 2012 season.

The park confirmed that the new coaster will be similar to Invertigo at California's Great America, but would not confirm that it was one in the same.  They did say that the ride was coming from another Cedar Fair park.

The park seems to be downplaying the addition of the ride, calling it a "modest addition," and noting that it will not attraction thousands of additional guests to the park.  When the coaster opens at Dorney park it will have rebuilt trains, inspected and repainted track, and a brand new control system.  Sounds like it will receive the "Possessed" treatment.

Dorney Park plans to release more information on the coaster later on in the summer.