Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scream Zone Coaster Starts To Rise

Concept © Zamperla

The Scream Zone at Coney Island (adjacent to Luna Park) has started construction on the first of two new roller coasters set to open this summer.

The Soaring Eagle, a Volare flying coaster moved from Elitch Gardens, has started to rise at the site.  It hasn't been painted yet, but hopefully it will receive a new coat before the ride opens.  You can check out many photos of the ride's progress in this thread.

Scream Zone will also feature the Steeplechase coaster, which will be a launched MotoCoaster style ride.  A sling shot and a turbo force will round out the $12 million development.


Justice said...

Thanks for the update Mike. Any idea on when Scream Zone will open to the public?

-Justice from Park Thoughts

NewsPlusNotes said...

Not sure that they've laid out any concrete dates yet that I've seen. Just keep saying Summer 2011.