Friday, February 25, 2011

When The Floor Drops!

It seems we have a new hit in the water park industry, slides that feature trap-door drops into the chute below.  Both Whitewater West and Proslide are making different variations of these, and two more have recently been announced.

Clementon Park and Splash World just announced Torpedo Rush, two identical slides that stand 60 feet tall.

Riders will stand at the top only to have a trap door under them give way, and down then go.  The tubes will be enclosed but feature clear sections that will allow those watching a great visual.  The park is calling Torpedo Rush the world's tallest dueling trap-door slides.

On the other side of the country, Raging Waters San Jose will debut Bombs Away in 2011.

This instillation will be from ProSlide, and will technically be one of their SuperLoop attractions.  It will utilize the company's Skybox trap door start, and then riders will soar around a horizontal loop at 38 feet per second.

Bombs Away has a planned opening of May, 2011.