Monday, February 21, 2011

Van Helsing's Factory - Movie Park Germany

A pretty awesome looking Gerstlauer coaster themed to Van Helsing is going into Movie Park Germany for this summer.  While the ride has been announced by the park, not many details have been released at this point.

A lot of concept art has leaked, however, which gives us a great look at what the park has planned.  The theming looks quite detailed and dark, which should make for an exciting ride.  Plenty of the vampires that Van Helsing hunts will be waiting for guests inside the building, which formerly held a Gremlins themed dark ride.

The ride system for the coaster is expected to be a regular Gerstlauer Bobsled style, but with heavily themed vehicles.  The coaster will have two separate lifts and looks to be one of the company's larger projects. Along with the theming will be a host of special effects that will further enhance the ride experience.


RJ said...

Did anyone notice that one of the road signs in the concept art is for route 412, through Hellertown, PA? Pennsylvania represent!

NewsPlusNotes said...

I totally saw that but figured no one else would notice! I pass through Hellertown on my way home each day, lol.