Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Flume Is Gone - A Limerick

Carowinds' Log Flume once sat here,
but the park needed the space to be clear,

So they got out the bull dozer,
and ran the thing over,

© Wormy via Carowinds Connection 2009

It's sad but you'll all love it next year!


The Coaster Critic said...

Yep, we noticed it was missing from the park map during the Carolina Cobra Media Day. Let the 2010 speculation begin!

Chris said...

After removing another major water ride last year, I've got to question the business sense of doing this in the CF park located in the humid, hot south.

Anonymous said...

Why are parks removing log flumes lately? Is it because they're old, or a maintenance headache? My local park, Dorney Park still has their flume and big flume, and whitewater rapids ride, the only flume-type ride that Dorney removed was the Journey to the Center of the Earth mill chute dark ride after 1992 soon after the Cedar Fair takeover. Cedar Point removed two flumes, Mill Race for Raptor in 1994, and White Water Landing for that new coaster recently. I bet a new steel coaster is going there. It has to be a coaster because every flume that was removed from a park was replaced with a steel coaster, including Blackpool in UK.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Yes it's quite sad that the older Flumes are going away. I believe it had to go with age and maintenance costs... the rides really weren't designed to last longer than some have - that much time has simply gone by.

The real tragedy is that parks aren't replacing them with new flumes! Several manuf. have them in their product portfolio.