Monday, April 27, 2009

Scott And Carol Present: TEA Knows Best

On Sunday Mike mentioned Busch Gardens Tampa's new Jungala section winning the prestigious Thea Award for Best New Theme Park Land. We were lucky enough to experience Jungala in person and would like to present 20 reasons why we agree with TEA.

20 Lots of really, fun, interactive things to do!

#19 People always seem to be dropping in.

#18 In fact, they're flying in from all over.

#17 How many places can you find pretty ladies holding furry animals?

#16 Or sharing a little turle talk

15. You can get a bird's eye view.

#14 Of bird's of a feather flocking together.

#13 You can be all wet!

#12 Or just hang out.

#11 you might want to monkey around,

#10 Or climb a tree (house.)

#9 Scale a net mountain,

#8 Or just lounge in the shade

#7 You can hide out,

#6 Or, work on y.our tan

#5 Wash a few windows,

#4 How about a bit of window shopping?

#3 Or a game of Hide & Go Seek!

#2 Embarassing your friends is fun!

#1 Or smile & say have a nice day!

With apologies to 3 Dog Night we leave you with Jungala (sung to the tune of Shambala.)

Wash away my troubles, wash away my pain With the fun in Jungala
Wash away my sorrow, wash away my shameWith the rain in Jungala
Everyone is helpful, everyone is kindOn the road to Jungala
Everyone is lucky, everyone is so kindOn the road to Jungala
How does your light shine, after a day at Jungala?

Congrats to BGT for the award & success of Jungala!
Scott & Carol