Friday, April 3, 2009

No More Hard Rock Park

Hard Rock Park is no more - turns out the new owners of the theme park and Hard Rock did not reach and agreement for the continued use of the name.

A new name was not announced, but parks officials said it will be music oriented with an emphasis on Rock'n'Roll. The Led Zeppelin and Eagles coasters will also be renamed.

An announcement with the new name should come within a week. The park's former website, now takes visitors to Hard Rock's website.


Carol said...

I'm glad we were able to visit the park as Hard Rock Park. As a fan of "Classic Rock" I loved the place! With all the photos we took and HRP merchandise we picked up we will certainly have a lot of fond memories.

I wish the park well in it's new incarnation. I just hope the don't get rid of a lot of the small details that made the park special.

Anonymous said...

I love Hard Rock Cafe. I collected pins for their locations with my sister and mother. I thought it would be great that this was all combining under my rollercoaster/theme park hobby. I was thrilled. It's sad that this all went through. I'll have to look for a legitimate pin for the park because it would be quite unique for me. I still want to visit the place.