Sunday, April 12, 2009

Recent Disney's California Adventure Photos

We have another batch of reader submitted photos to look at today, this time of the very under construction Paradise Pier section of Disney's California Adventure Theme Park.

Workers at the bottom of the Paradise Lagoon. As you can see, LOTS of work is going on. Compared to even a couple weeks ago, a lot has changed.

The Mickey Mouse ears have been taken down fully and a Paradise Pier sign replaces them on the side of the California Screamin' roller coaster. Work on the Sun/Moon mural near the roller coaster loop is now underway and halfway painted.

Another angle of the construction work going on in the lagoon. I assume that the black surface will be used as the "stage" or platform for all the LED lighting and water cannons. This construction is HUGE! From some sources, the blue boxes underneath the platform are may be air/water tanks for the water pressure.

The platform for the World of Color nightly lagoon show is really massive! But keep in mind that all this will be under water eventually.

A little bit of a closer view of the former Sun Wheel (now Mickey's Fun Wheel). The wheel is now fully painted in a red coat, except for center facing the lagoon side, as that is where they will have a Mickey Mouse face. From what I saw, there is already wire framing for the main outline, as well as for the inside portions of the face.

Thanks to Carteerio from and Randy for submitting the photos and the captions!