Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wizarding World Under Construction

© 2009

Islands of Adventure theme park, part of the greater Universal Orlando Resort is finally making great steps in actual vertical construction of the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The new land at the park is seeing new items go up, from the entrance to the area (above) to the structures for the village shops and restaurants on the former location of the Oak Tree Tavern. has a recent gallery of photos up that you can check out. After so much time going by seeing only pictures of piles of dirt and the 'big box' building it's great to see so much progress being made!


Chris said...

I'm amazed at how little we know about what's going on in the former Lost Continent. The new ride building is huge, yet there are so few details the park is willing to release about it. From the artwork we've seen, the land is going to be a worthy complement to the highly themed lands over there at IOA. It's looking better and better by each visit. While I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan, I can't wait for it to open, although part of that is because I am growing tired of walking all the way back on the temporary path to Dueling Dragons!