Monday, April 13, 2009

What's That Xploratorium?!

© 2009

Six Flags Great Adventure is hard at work on a new attraction that's being created out of a piece of an old attraction! Confused?

Well, part of the theming from The Chiller coaster- the Observatory as it was - is now being renovated and turned into something called the Xploratorium.

GreatAdventureHistory reports that "it's going to be a fun interactive attraction designed by the designer of the video effects in the Dark Knight's queue." Now I haven't a clue what that means it will exactly be, but I love that Great Adventure is adding something unique, even if it ends up not being anything that exciting afterall. It's thinking outside the box and that's wonderful!

Just another step in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

It is exciting that SFGA is doing something unique, I just worry about how long anything unique to the park will last giving the quality of the people who frequent the park. You put pearls before swine and it's not the swine who gets trampled under...