Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Diamondback Photo Feature

After sorting through literally hundreds of photos taken by the NPN team during our trip to Kings Island this past weekend--and that wasn't even all of them!--I've uploaded some of the best to our NPN Facebook page. They wouldn't even fit in a single album, so I had to create two! (And remember, Facebook pages are publicly accessible so you do not need to have a Facebook account to view these photos.)

Most of our photos were taken during the Diamondback Media Day event, but some were also taken on Kings Island's opening day. If you should happen to spy a few empty seats here and there in the Media Day photos, let me assure you that it had nothing to do with this coaster's popularity, as Diamondback is an undeniable crowd pleaser. It's just that Kings Island spoiled us rotten by running all three trains for a good portion of the day! And while an actual diamondback rattler may not be a people eater, the Diamondback slithering around Kings Island certainly is!!

Have I mentioned how much I heart these trains? Seriously, what a fangtastic thematic element! I'd love to take credit for the new adjective, but that's all Kings Island's PR department. The park has done an amazing job of taking the "Diamondback" theme to a whole new level. I must admit that I had trouble refraining from buying one of the big stuffed rattlesnakes in the gift shop!

For more great shots of this steel wonder in action as well as a bunch of shots from the Media Day ceremony itself, be sure to hop on over to Facebook. We will be bringing you even more coverage of this exciting event as the week continues.