Monday, April 20, 2009

Assorted Kings Island Photos

You all knew I took my camera around with me to Kings Island, right? Well Diamondback wasn't the only thing I grabbed some photos of, and to be honest Kings Island is really rather photogenic. Instead of a typical photo trip report I'll just share some selected pics and associated thoughts.

It's amazing what the huge fountains that Kings Island has inside the entrance do for the area compared to those at Kings Dominion which are more subtle. The roar they make is crazy! (in a good way)

This was how we started our day at Kings Island - I love drop towers so this one, aptly called Drop Tower, was a big hit with me. And what a great way to get oriented with the layout of the park when you're up there!

No thanks to riding this one. I've naturally seen many photos of Delirium over the years but just watching it made my stomach afraid.

Firehawk is much more intense than I expected it to be! I've been on flying coasters before so that experience wasn't new, but the intensity the ride provides was!

This is a weird shot but it includes two coasters at the park as well. Flight Deck is pretty zippy for an Arrow Suspended coaster - a nice surprise on the trip. Son of Beast is... well it's a really pretty ride to look at!

I love old Arrow Minetrains, so Adventure Express was a highlight of the park for me. It's hard to photograph because of it's location, so this is the best I got aside from the ride sign. I loved the ride though!

We were able to end our day with some insane Beast rides which were so good I'm still having trouble finding the right words for the rides... but being in the park well past closing afforded some pretty night shots of the fountains, like this one.

More Diamondback coverage should be coming soon from our other wonderful NPN writers while they hold down the fort around here while I'm off to Vegas. The trip is business but hopefully I can get some updates on something amusement related while there!


Nicholas Tucker said...

I wish my work would send me to Vegas. Instead they sent me to Wooster, Ohio.

Great pictures!