Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Timber Falls Adventure Park 2004

Prior to 2004, the name "Timber Falls Adventure Golf" did not exactly roll off enthusiasts' tongues. But that all changed in a heartbeat when this quaint little park in the heart of the Wisconsin Dells changed its name to "Timber Falls Adventure Park" and constructed the ride that would back it up: Avalanche.

A roller coaster in the middle of a miniature golf complex? [Well, around it to be exact...] It's not something you see every day, but apparently the powers that be at Timber Falls were looking to distinguish their little park from the dozens of other mini golf outfits that do business in the Dells. And boy did they ever succeed! I've never had the pleasure of riding this S&S Power creation. But based on everything I've read, this baby delivers in both the speed and the airtime departments. One particularly interesting fact about Avalanche is that it runs an unusually short three-car train. I've read that this was done to lessen maintenance expenses and balance out the forces experienced by riders.

This shot serves as a reminder that it really is possible to blend thrilling amusement rides into a highly themed landscape. Timber Falls' roots are in mini golf, and it shows. The park features numerous beautifully themed courses, all of which are included in the cost of an all-day pass. Who knew the Dells had an active volcano??

Because Timber Falls is a small park, they have ample space to feature all of their rides and attractions in every brochure! In addition to Avalanche and all the mini golf you can handle, the park also has a log flume, a Skyscraper, and bumper boats. They're really into marketing their thrills, too. NewEST, tallEST, fastEST, longEST...Never mind that tiny "one of Wisconsin's" phrase that begins the sentence! And how about that "1/4-mile plunge" on the log flume, eh? Waaaaay too intimidating for my blood!! [Okay, not really. I just get a kick out of tactics like this. Humor me.]

Timber Falls Adventure Park is located in the Dells River District, a community which grew up around the one-mile stretch of road commonly referred to as "downtown" Wisconsin Dells. Its prominent location within this tourist mecca, coupled with that flashy wooden roller coaster that runs around its perimeter, ensures that this small but mighty park will continue to pack in the visitors for many years to come.