Friday, April 24, 2009

"Kids in America" to Debut at Freestyle Music Park

© 2009

This week Freestyle Music Park unveiled plans for a brand new 17,000-square-foot children's area called "Kids in America". [For you young'uns, "Kids in America" is an '80s song by Kim Wilde!] The new area will replace the former "Banana Splitsville" section of the park and will feature four new rides from Zamperla:
  • Life is a Highway - A convoy ride featuring miniature 18-wheelers

  • Wheels In The Sky - A "magic bike" ride where guests sit in hang glider carts and control the height of their carts by pedaling

  • Fly Like An Eagle - A kite flyer that you ride lying down

  • Get Off Of My Cloud - A tower ride which will take guests high above the park in balloon baskets
A number of existing children's rides and attractions--including a climbing wall, jungle gym, and train ride--will also be incorporated into Kids in America. In conjunction with the new area, the park also announced the creation of the Freestyle Music Park Kid's Foundation. This charitable foundation will provide tickets, park merchandise, and other services for various children's charities throughout the Myrtle Beach area. These developments are all part of the new management team's plan to create a more family friendly environment within the former Hard Rock Park.

One additional bonus "nugget" was revealed at the media event: The park has adopted a new logo (pictured above). It's actually very similar to the previous logo, it just incorporates a guitar pick! Very stylish. For more photos and lots of additional information on all the changes taking place at Freestyle Music Park, check out this thread on