Monday, April 6, 2009

Six Flags America Off to a Promising Start in 2009

So long off-season, hello on-season! The 2009 trip reports continue to roll in, and today SFAFANS.COM brings us a report from opening weekend at Six Flags America. In recent years, many have come to view this park as a black sheep of the "new Six Flags", thanks to its notoriously high downtime rates and the fact that it has not been a recipient of any blockbuster new rides. But this trip report, combined with a lot of recent news coverage, serves as proof that Six Flags America is turning over a new leaf in 2009.


You may not see a towering new coaster, but what you will see when you visit Six Flags America this year is a cleaner park, faster and friendlier service, improved landscaping, operational rides, nine new live shows, and obvious signs of future development. These changes did not happen by accident, either. Over the past year, Mark Shapiro has scoured every park in the chain and hand-picked the best 10 individuals he could find to head up Six Flags America moving forward. Literally the entire management team has been replaced! As Shapiro stated in a recent interview, "We've committed ourselves to having every ride open, from the first day of the year in Spring Break to the last day. That's a commitment we'll deliver on." No doubt, as the park has also hired 200 additional workers in order to ensure that its 2009 goals will be met.

One notable achievement that speaks to the direction in which the park is headed is the grand reopening of the park's train ride, Capital Railways, which is pictured above. SFAFANS.COM reports that this classic ride looks shiny and new thanks to a fresh coat of paint. But don't take my word for it, check out the rest of their photo trip report and see for yourself! If Six Flags America can maintain this level of quality throughout the season, I think we can expect to see some very exciting developments at this park.