Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celebrating 10 Years of Tremors

© 2009 Silverwood Theme Park
Somebody--or shall I say, something--in Idaho is celebrating a special anniversary this year. Can you guess who it is? Why it's Tremors, of course! Since its debut at Silverwood Theme Park in 1999, this wooden marvel has consistently ranked high among coaster fans. Designed by Custom Coasters International, Tremors' claim to fame is its four underground tunnels, one of which takes careening trains full of riders right through the adjacent gift shop. It's no mystery how this coaster got its name!

In honor of Tremors' 10th anniversary, Silverwood will be offering discounted admission rates on May 2-3. If you purchase a ticket at Silverwood's front gate on either of those days, you will only have to pay $19.99 to enter the park. That's a $21 savings off the regular admission price! For more details, visit Silverwood's web site.

© 2009 Silverwood Theme Park

Happy Anniversary, Tremors! May you live to thrill riders for many more decades.