Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Counting Down to Manta's First Flight

Sea World in Orlando is counting down the days (just about three weeks now) until their new flying coaster, Manta, officially opens to the public.

The park has created a wonderful website for the attraction, which you can access here. They've also started to add all sorts of fun content for viewers to check out, like a new batch of concept art (see the great aerial view above) that we haven't seen before.

Another cool move the park is doing for website visitors is to give away a free electronic photograph of their Manta experience, what sounds like a digital on-ride photograph. All visitors have to do is register and participate in some of the activities offered on the site - many of which are web 2.0 friendly!

A good marketing move indeed!


Chris said...

Mike, there's a cool article at the Sentinel about the possibility of Universal and Seaworld joining forces.,0,6560597.story