Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Looks like Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags New England chose April Fool's Day to release the details about their coaster transformations - but no joke here - both rides will now be known as Bizarro.

The New England ride and Great Adventure version are now both listed on their respective websites. The Jersey version has general info, but New England's Bizarro will "soar through bizarre building structures and sprint through open-aired "S" shields." There will be on board audio and fire effects as well as unique lightning on both, as well.

Several of the websites created as part of the viral campaign have been updated too, such as Lois Lane Reports and The Daily Planet paper. The Lois Lane site has some awesome videos on it that you should check out!

The parks will also be holding a contest for a chance to win free entry to the Bizarro preview days - looks like they will be accepting photos of the Bizarre as entries. More details on that here.

Both rides are slated to open later in May - and I can't wait!