Monday, April 6, 2009

Aerial Antics: La Ronde

Off to Canada we go, this week in order to check out La Ronde amusement park, located in Quebec. The park was created as part of Expo '67, one of the largest and most successful World's Fair's ever.

The park's assets were purchased by Six Flags in 2001, and they received a long term lease for the land the park sits on. Six Flags has expanded the park since purchasing it, as we'll see today with some of the large coasters they've added. Above is the very pretty entrance gates that were built in 2002.

Here we have Le Vampire and Cobra. Cobra is the green coaster and is an Intamin stand-up ride, relocated to La Ronde from Sweden in 1995. Vampire is a mirror-image Batman clone from B&M.

Here's Goliath, the park's huge new coaster for 2006. The B&M mega coaster stands over 170 ft. tall and stretches over 4,000 ft. long. It's painted in Six Flags' tradition Superman-themed-ride colors... maybe it was going to be themed to that?

The huge wooden coaster above is Le Monstre. Opened in 1985 the twin tracked ride is quite imposing at first glance. Interestingly, the two tracks of the ride do not always run parallel to each other and provide different ride experiences.

Also in the above image we see Le Super Manege - the super ride - which is an old Vekoma looper from the early 80s. In the upper right corner is the Toboggan Nordique, a Zamperla wild mouse coaster that Six Flags added in 2003.

Here is Orbite, an S&S Space Shot tower that was built out over the water to provide some spectacular views, I'm sure. The park's log flume, La Pitoune, is also pictured. It's a classic Arrow Dynamics flume that was opened in '67 as part of the Expo.

Here is a link to the Live Local images as well.