Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SEAing Is Believing

So what's Hersheypark been up to over the past nine months? Oh, nothing really. You know, unless you count constructing a 378,000 gallon wave pool and a 1,360 foot lazy river! Child's play, I tell you...

The Boardwalk: The SEAquel, which is slated to make its debut on May 23, will effectively double the number of guests who can frolic among the area's 12 water attractions at any given time. [Read: More places to SEA and be SEAn!] Now personally I prefer to get my thrills on dry land, however I am a huge fan of wordplay so the name alone is enough to tickle my fancy. And even a landlubber such as myself can SEA that The Shore and Intercoastal Waterway will be excellent additions to this relatively new area of Hersheypark.

© 2009 Hersheypark Crazy

If you'd like to SEA how the construction is progressing, check out the video that was recently posted on Hersheypark's Facebook page. One interesting note is that constructions crews have recycled 14,000 tons of concrete and 10,000 tons of rock while working on The SEAquel! And if you'd like to get an even closer look at all that recyclable material, be sure to SEA this thread on Hersheypark Crazy. One of the site administrators had the opportunity to tour the construction site a couple months ago in conjunction with a school project and captured some great shots, such as the one above.

As much as I hated to SEA the park lose Canyon River Rapids, it looks like The SEAquel is shaping up to be a most worthy replacement and--wait...What? I've worn out my welcome with the SEA references? Really? Aw, shucks...I guess I just don't know when to quit sometimes! Can you blame me if I can't wait to SEA the finished product?

The rest of Hersheypark [i.e., sans Boardwalk] opens in just a few short days--May 1. Mark your calendars!