Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Walibi Rhone-Alpes' New Gravity Group Wooden Coaster Layout, Construction + Train Photos

During last week's IAAPA Expo the full details of Walibi Rhone-Alpes' new wooden roller coaster, named Timber! and designed by The Gravity Group, were released.

© Walibi Rhone-Alpes / The Gravity Group
The new ride will be perfect sized for the entire family to be able to enjoy, which fits with the general offerings of the park.  A Vekoma Boomerang ride is the park's current extreme ride.  Timber's layout can be seen above, wrapping around the park's wild mouse style coaster.  That existing coaster will be heavily themed and part of a new area that will also debut next year with Timber as the star attraction.

© Walibi Rhone-Alpes
This recent construction photo (more available here) shows that plenty of progress has been made on the new coaster.  Timber's track will stretch 1,464 feet, and start with a lift to around 56 feet, and a straight first drop of 55 feet.  The two trains, each seating 12 passengers will be treated to eleven moment of air-time throughout the ride.

© Carol Holmes
As part of last week's IAAPA Expo, Walibi Rhone-Alpes and The Gravity Group joined to show off the amazing theming that will be on the front of the signature Timberliner trains.  The trains would certainly look nice blazing through the forest, removing trees as they go!  The attention to detail here is really amazing.

© Carol Holmes
Here is a wider view of the front car of the trains along with two special passengers from both Walibi Rhone-Alpes and The Gravity Group.

With the company's recent success with smaller family designs like Roar-O-Saurus at Story Land and the Wooden Warrior at Quassy Amusement Park, we have high hopes for this ride!


Surya said...

Looks like it will be a bit like The Wooden Warrior, which I enjoyed A LOT, so that's promising!