Monday, November 16, 2015

Six Flags Great America Shows Off Early Justice League Construction Photos

© Six Flags Great America
The opening of Six Flags Great America's Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 4D is still many months away, but construction work for the new attraction is well underway.  The theme park has shared a couple images showing off the work thus far, which reveal some of the changes already made to the park.

Above is the large open area that used to be the location of the park's amphitheater, once home to a stunt show and other performances.  That venue has been totally removed from the park, leaving a nice open area for work to begin.

© Six Flags Great America
Unlike the two Justice League rides that opened at Six Flags parks in 2015, Great America's version will not utilize and exiting building in any way.  Instead, a brand new 22,000 square foot structure will go up where the amphitheater once was.

This nice aerial photo shows us the layout and positioning of the new building for the dark ride at the very Northern tip of the park's Southwest Territory.  While the floor of the structure has not been poured in this photo, the footings to support the building are being put into place.

© Six Flags Great America
Here is a view of the park before the amphitheater was removed, showing where the Justice League will rise.  Judging from the previous photo the new ride building will take up just about the same amount of space as the theater, with a fair amount of breathing room left over.  The super hero theme of the attraction doesn't fit will with the Southwest theme, so perhaps that corner will be annexed into either the County Fair or Hometown Square sections - I'm not familiar enough to know which is closer.  Either way I bet there will be an impressive facade built on the structure to match that which we saw this past season at the other two parks.


Unknown said...

It will be in it's own new "Justice League" area. The entrance to Southwest Territory will be moved from between X-Flight and Demon to over by the Southwest Territory bathroom. It is closer to County Fair however.