Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rocky Mountain Shares Amazing New Lightning Rod Construction Photos

© Rocky Mountain Construction
Although it is a 2016 attraction, a great portion of Dollywood's new Lightning Rod launched wooden roller coaster will be completed before the end of '15.  The park wasted no time after the ride's announcement and immediately started installing footers and track with the massive uphill launch going in first.

With the coaster now at the top of the nearby mountain, its signature pre-drop drop and rise was installed, and that meant the big first drop was up next.  That's what was completed most recently, and what a sight it is!

Above is one of the images that was recently shared by Rocky Mountain Construction, the builder of Lightning Rod, showing off the first mini-drop and then the massive drop after.  Impressive at this angle, but from another...

© Rocky Mountain Construction
Impressive suddenly seems like an understatement!  Aren't the fall colors just beautiful!  Just kidding, like that's what we're looking at in this photo - right - how about that 165 foot plunge down the side of a mountain?  The trains will rocket down this 73 degree drop and hit a maximum speed of 73 miles per hour before entering a giant "breaking wave turn" that is banked beyond 90 degrees.  And keep in mind that since the ride is launched and has a small drop before this one, there will be enough momentum to provide what could be an epic level of air-time during that 165 foot fall.

We already knew this was one of 2016's can't-miss rides, but now the photographic proof is even more compelling.

Stay tuned for more Lightning Rod news next week as part of 2015's IAAPA, with a new point of view video coming and more!