Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Video Footage of Chinese Wooden Built Martin & Vleminckx Coasters

Martin & Vleminckx, builder of traditional wooden roller coasters, had a great video produced for the IAAPA Expo, showing off their latest collection of rides that have opened in China.  With designs by The Gravity Group, Martin & Vleminckx have started to push the boundaries of traditional wood coaster design, including extreme banking and inversions.

Here's the video:

Pretty great footage, right?  The rides show off many of the interesting elements that have been incorporated into the layouts, including that reverse high-five element and the elongated corkscrew inversion we saw on Hades 360 at Mt. Olympus.  Some of the rides feature the inversion, while others do not - depending on park preference, no doubt.

While it opened back in 2012, the footage of the high-five on Dauling Dragons at Happy Valley is still as impressive as it was years ago.  It is great to see such continued success of both The Gravity Group and Martin & Vleminckx in China, hopefully we get one of their creations stateside soon!