Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Fox World Theme Park and Resort Announced for Dubai in 2018

It appears as though things are picking up once again with regard to new theme parks opening in Dubai, after the great rush of the mid to late 2000s turned into a big dud.   Today Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and Al Ahli Holding Group announced a brand new theme park and resort to open in Dubai in 2018, centered around popular movie and TV licensed properties.

Click for much larger image. © Twentieth Century Fox
The theme park and resort comes on the heels of the already under construction 20th Century Fox World in Malaysia, which could open in 2017.  The Dubai development will be the first to include a Fox-branded resort, and the partnership allows for three additional resorts to be built at a later time outside of Dubai.  The hotel resort will feature rooms themed to popular franchises, offering a first of a kind experience with regard to the themes.

The above concept art can be clicked for a much larger version, which shows off some of the rides and attractions planned for the theme park.  These include sections or rides based on Ice Age, Rio, Planet of the Apes, Aliens, Predator, Night at the Museum, Titanic, The Simpsons and Sons of Anarchy.

The attractions will include media based dark rides and more traditional thrill rides, but all heavily themed to the Fox brands.  “Given the rich source material, we owe it to the fans to be as immersive as possible." says Gary Blumenstein, Senior Creative Director, Rethink.  "Our industry is trending toward deeper, more detailed experiences, and so are guest expectations. We want you to believe you’re on an alien planet or flying through the Amazon. It’s all about believability.”

Of course the park will also feature plenty of themed retail and dining experiences as well.  There looks to be an even balance of family to thrill rides, with an interesting looking river rapids ride in the back and a mountain themed roller coaster in the center of the park.

“20th Century Fox World, Dubai is the second Fox theme park destination and marks an important step forward in our global theme park strategy.  Fox World will be a world-class destination that will help fuel Dubai’s emergence as a global tourism destination,” said Jeffrey Godsick, President of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products.

Design and Production services the for development are being provided by Rethink Leisure & Entertainment.


John Brooks said...

The yellow "ride" in the back center looks like a Huss Jump 2. It would be nice to see another one of these rides as the only one of its kind is SledgeHammer at Canada's Wonderland. They're fun and SledgeHammer at Canada's Wonderland is working amazingly now. The 2015 season saw SledgeHammer have little to no downtime thanks to the increased maintenance of the ride.