Thursday, November 19, 2015

Scott And Carol Present - What's New At S&S - Sansei Technologies

S & S Worldwide, along with Playland Castaway Cove, were eager to share their plans to change the skyline of Ocean City, New Jersey.

This is when everyone started to ooh and ah at the new ride vehicle.

This car/train, represents a combination of the best points of S & S's developed technology to date, with improved seating, better restraints, and now a launch system. With launches, the lines move quicker because most of the ride time is actually spent climbing the lift hill on traditional coaster.

Here is the track layout, and you need to remember there are three launches on the ride.

Preston, who we met at the Batman opening at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, explains the high points of "Gale Force," opening next season at Playland Castaway Cove.

This is a close up of the double stator LSM motor that launches the car, forwards into a rollback, backwards up the hill, and finally forwards again to traverse the course. 


Christopher said...

Hi Scott/Carol, actually it's at Ocean City, New Jersey, NOT Maryland. I know since I go to OCNJ every year on a family vacation. :-)